Solving Conservation's Great Challenges Starts with you

“Combine the incredible power of emergent technologies, the power of creative thinkers, and the power of markets”
- Brad Ack, Senior Vice President for Oceans at WWF
OXL Digital Makerspace
Co-creating technology solutions for conservation’s greatest challenges


Find the technology solution idea

  • Grow a tribe of multidisciplinary solvers and makers (YOU)
  • Gather around grand challenges in conservation
  • Share, analyze, and advance technology solution ideas


Define the technology solution and build project team

  • Shape your project team and solution design
  • Utilize development guides, process and tools to create your solution
  • Determine the value proposition of the technology solution


Build the technology solution and enterprise

  • Develop, test, and refine the solution
  • Define manufacturing and distribution protocol
  • Establish the enterprise and your business goals


Apply the technology solution

  • Connect with partners and investors
  • Accelerate the commercialization or distribution of the solution
  • Ensure the environmental and financial sustainability of the enterprise


Expand the impact of the technology solution

  • Expand the reach of a solution
  • Measure and monitor impact
  • Analyze new market opportunities